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NASPO ValuePoint
Government Cloud Solutions

Broadvoice and NASPO ValuePoint Bring Simplicity to Procurement

Get current technology within budget and with ease.  Information and access documents for Cloud Solutions can be found here.  Contract #AR2502.

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Broadvoice offers the following Cloud Solutions:

Cloud PBX

Cloud Faxing, Call Recording, Conferencing, Toll Free Numbers, Call Center Solutions, and Local & Long Distance calling

SIP Trunking

On-demand scalability and cloud redundancy for Local & Long Distance calling

Unified Communications as a Service

Cloud Voice and Video, Mobile Voice & Messaging, Email, Messaging, Presence & Collaboration, and Online Productivity Suite

Broadvoice will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that Service Calls and associated tickets are cleared within a reasonable time frame. In the event that tickets remain outstanding beyond a reasonable time frame, the Customer may escalate the ticket using the below escalation methods.

Contact Position Name Number
Level 1 Supervisor On Duty (866) 431-1626
Level 2 Business Support Mgr Kelvin Manalo (888) 325-5875, option 3
Level 3 Vice President of Operations Vinit Ahooja (747) 204-5644
Level 4 Chief Operating Officer George Mitsopoulos (818) 435-1106

1. Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) is between the Customer and Quality Speaks LLC dba Broadvoice, (“Broadvoice”) as relates to Broadvoice’s Voice over IP (“VoIP”) Services.  Broadvoice agrees that it will make all commercially reasonable efforts to meet the minimum service levels set out in this SLA throughout the service period.

2. Target for Availability

The target available time for the Services provided by Broadvoice to the Customer is equal to 99.99% of the time in a calendar month. Availability is calculated by dividing the measured available time by the total time in a calendar month, expressed as a percentage. The measured available time is the total time in a calendar month less the measured unavailable time. Subject to any other terms in this SLA, the Services are deemed to be unavailable to the Customer when the Services are fully interrupted, or fail to meet designated specifications as contemplated in this SLA, such that the Services cannot be accessed or used by the Customer (an “Outage”), but excluding any such circumstances arising as the result of any event contemplated in paragraphs 7 and 8 of this SLA.

3. Calculation of Measured Unavailable Time

The measured unavailable time starts upon notification of an Outage by the Customer to Broadvoice by telephone and the release of the affected Service by the Customer to Broadvoice for testing and repair. The measured unavailable time ends when the affected Service is restored. Broadvoice will notify the Customer by telephone and the Customer will confirm that the affected Service has been restored. Additional time taken by the Customer to perform confirmation testing is not included in the measured unavailable time if the Service is in fact restored.

4. Target Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) is defined as the total network outage time for all trouble tickets in a measured month divided by the number of tickets. The target MTTR is four (4) hours following receipt of a Service Call from the Customer.

5. Service Call Procedure

The Customer shall contact Broadvoice Priority Business Support to report all service problems. The telephone number for contacting the Priority Business Support is (866) 431-1626. The Customer must have the following information:

  • Customer name
  • The telephone number affected
  • A description of the problems encountered

During the Service Call, Broadvoice will open a ticket indicating the exact time the Service Call was received, the name of the person placing the call, and the details of the Service Call. A reference number (ticket) will be supplied to the Customer during the call. If a reference number cannot be supplied during the call, one will be supplied as soon as practical.

6. Escalation Procedures & Times

(See Escalation tab)

7. Credits for MTTR (following receipt of a service call from the customer)

MTTR Credit
 0 minutes to 1 hour  No credit
 >1 hours to 4 hours  3% credit of monthly bill
 >4 hours to 6 hours  6% credit of monthly bill
 >6 hours to 8 hours  10% credit of monthly bill
 additional 4 hour increments  3% per increment, not to exceed monthly billing total

In order to receive the foregoing credit, the Customer must notify Broadvoice by email to [email protected] of its claim for a credit within thirty (30) days of the Outage for which a credit is claimed.

8. Service Level Exemptions

Degradation in the performance of the Services and unavailable time shall not be included for the purposes of determining whether the Services meet the Minimum Service level, or for calculating measured unavailable time if such degradation or unavailable time arises from: (i) Scheduled Maintenance or other service interruptions agreed to by the Customer for the purpose of allowing Broadvoice to upgrade, change, implement an order, maintain, or repair the Service; (ii) directly or indirectly as the result of the acts or omissions of the Customer, any person for whom the Customer is legally responsible, or any person using the Services; (iii) failure of CPE equipment, or Customer’s internet connection or internal networking infrastructure, or systems not provided, or under the control or direction of Broadvoice including equipment or systems Broadvoice may obtain or contract for at the request of the Customer, ir the failure of local carrier’s infrastructure on which Broadvoice Services are delivered (and, in the event of a degradation in the Services below the Minimum Service level or an Outage occurring as the result of such circumstances Broadvoice will co-ordinate with the provider to remedy such failure as quickly as possible); (iv) any failure by the Customer to afford access to any location for which the Customer is responsible, or to any facilities required by Broadvoice for the purpose of investigating and correcting a degradation in the Services or an Outage; and (v) any event contemplated in the Service Subscriber Agreement.

9. Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance means any maintenance activities performed by Broadvoice on the network or switching equipment to which the Customer is connected, provided that Customer shall be given at least 48 hours advance notice of such maintenance activities. Such activities are typically performed outside of the Customer’s business operating hours and during the standard maintenance window between 00:01 am and 6:00 am local time. Notice of scheduled maintenance shall be given to Customer’s designated Change Management (“CM”) Single Point of Contact (“SPOC”) by a method elected by Broadvoice (telephone, e-mail, fax or pager). The Customer may change its CM SPOC upon reasonable advance written notice to Broadvoice. Unscheduled maintenance means any maintenance activities performed on the Broadvoice network to which Customer’s facilities are connected as a result of a Threat or an Emergency. A Threat is defined as a situation or condition that would not normally cause an outage to a customer but introduces a very low risk to services or may lead to a brief service interruption. Examples include optical cable splicing, contractor working near fiber cables and digging within ten feet of fiber cable. In the case of a Threat Broadvoice will strive to provide customers with three business days advance notice. In the event of an Emergency (defined as unplanned critical repairs, acts of vandalism and/or nature that has caused or could cause a degradation or interruption of service) Broadvoice will make best efforts to provide customers with short-term notice and an estimated time to repair.

10. Application of Credits

Credits shall be applied in respect of the next billing period and shall be based on the monthly rates in effect at that time. Calculation of all credits shall be based on the call log and other records maintained by Broadvoice. In no event shall any credit be awarded in excess of the monthly rates for the affected Service in effect at the time the credit is applied. If credits remain payable following the termination of the Service Subscriber Agreement, the Customer shall be entitled to receive a refund equal to the amount of such credits.

Broadvoice Government

 (866) 759-6764

[email protected]

9221 Corbin Ave #155
Northridge, CA 91324

What is NASPO ValuePoint?

NASPO ValuePoint is a public cooperative contracting organization; it is a non-profit subsidiary of the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO).  Their mission is to provide all state government agencies (states, local governments, public educational entities, etc.) with a collective RFP strategy that provides price negotiated contracts.

Why NASPO ValuePoint?

NASPO ValuePoint is a true cooperative led by elected procurement officers from multiple states.  These subject matter experts understand the needs of the state agencies, but also the state laws and procedures.

NASPO ValuePoint adds not only the value of the pricing from a collective contract but creates efficiency by providing services to government agencies that are vetted and do not therefore, require a lengthy RFP process.  Leveraging the collective cooperative contract, state agencies are offered the best value pricing with optimal contract terms.  The state’s best interest is protected with NVP negotiating the best terms regarding not only price but quality, reliability, warranties and service with favorable terms and conditions.

Both the state agency and the contractor enjoy decreased administrative costs without the lengthy RFP process.  The contractor, through collective bargaining, passes those saving on to the agency.  The cost and time saving increases agency efficiency as well as keeping within set budgeting parameters.  Specifically, with Cloud Solutions, this allows for technology commonly found and used in the private sector to become available to the public sector as well.

Can my agency use NASPO ValuePoint? 

Any state government agency is, in general, able to use the NASPO ValuePoint contracts. If you do not know if your agency has the authority to use NASPO ValuePoint, please contact you home state’s Chief Procurement Official or contact Solomon Kingston, Division of Purchasing at [email protected].

How do we get started with NASPO ValuePoint?

Start by looking up your state here.  From there, you will be able to shop available contractors.  If there is a contractor that meets your needs, you can create an account at the eMarket Center.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to NASPO ValuePoint directly via their contact us page.

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